About me

About Me

From a young age I always enjoyed listening to the great theme tunes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Disney Films.But when I heard the score from How to Train Your Dragon, it was the first full soundtrack that ever clicked with me on an emotional level.

I graduated from The University of Hertfordshire where I studied Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games. I have studied a range of styles from Orchestral, Popular, World and Electronic music. All of these styles show in the music that I enjoy creating.

At present I am a Music Director at Watercress Studios, A visual novel studio. I have helped create 5 games with them working on Original Soundtracks, Sound Design and Dialogue editing/mixing.

Why work with me?

Do you want to avoid clicking through pages and pages of royalty-free audio just trying to find the perfect piece of music or sound effect. To then settle on a “oh, that’ll do”? I would work with you on all steps to get the right music and sound for your project.

I can bring the emotinal impact that audio provides. Bad audio can turn anyone away quickly. But It can also make your game stand out.

My set up

I compose and design primarily within Logic Pro X. I am familiar with a wide range of software and plugins.

  • iZotope Ozone 8 and RX7.
  • Soundtoys Suite.
  • FabFilter Suite.
  • Kontakt

Game Engines

  • Ren’py
  • Unreal